Precise seeding and optimum flow

  • Blower distribution system capable of handling two types of seed and/or fertiliser with differentiated and precise dosages.
  • High, regular and homogeneous flow rate for extremely precise sowing in all working conditions, including on sloping plots.
  • Flow rate adjustment by electric motor.
  • Flow rate proportional to progress by radar or GPS antenna.


Compartmental and compact

The SEMWIN® 2000L Front Hopper has two 1000L compartments for greater versatility.

For better visibility, the seed transport pipes can be placed under the tractor.

Step and wide opening for easy filling.

The emptying of each compartment is facilitated by a " guillotine " emptying hatch and a Ø90 pipe outlet.

The hopper can be equipped with a weight kit (optional) up to 700 kg for a better load distribution even when empty.


A roller for every need

The hopper is combined with an optional roller to help re-compact the soil before the sowing unit is passed and to reduce wheel settling across the width.

Three different rollers are available depending on user requirements.

The advantages of a full roller compared to a version with an integrated front packer:

  • Allows flattening of vegetation when the cover is developed.
  • Compresses the soil over the entire working width of the tool to allow more even work of the seed drill.
  • Quick disassembly.
  • Allows the tractor lift to be relieved by placing the hopper on the ground.
  • Height adjustment of the hopper in working position.

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