Homogeneous cracking for higher yields

The Plowin® or Striplow® blades at the front of each hammer rotor break up the soil between 15 and 35 cm under each future seed band.

The even lifting action over the entire width creates uniform porosity without destructuring or disturbing the soil.

Fertilisation in the seedbed

With the Rotawin® technique, the deposit of localised fertilisers can be carried out directly in the seedbed. The "flowerpot" effect thus created limits leaching for a better use of fertiliser and better plant development.

Optimal seedbed preparation

Equipped with 40 mm thick hammers, the rotor breaks up the entire root system of the previous crop.

The shock effect of the hammers allows for:

  • A homogeneous soil/straw mixture
  • A fine and fibrous substrate favourable to germination
  • Optimal soil-seed contact


Side deflectors prevent soil projections in order to limit the germination of weed seeds in the inter-rows, thereby reducing the use of herbicides.

Single or twin-row seeding 


The Rotawin® can be equipped with an integrated precision single-seed drill to carry out all operations in a single pass: cracking under the seed band, localised fertilisation, seedbed preparation and twin-row sowing.

The adaptable Rotawin® striptill can also be combined with the existing precision drill.

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