Agronomic advantages


  • Full surface scalping: mechanical destruction of the vegetation in place, from a depth of 2cm
  • False seeding: creation of an initial homogeneous soil/straw mixture that encourages weed seed emergence.
  • Simultaneous destruction of weed seedlings and combined sowing in one pass.


Scalpwin® allows perfect weed control while maintaining organic matter on the surface.

 Long-lasting performance


  •  Resilience: Thanks to its truncated cone-shaped discs with sharp corrugations, the Scalpwin® remains tough regardless of wear.
  •  Durability: The Scalpwin® is the first scalper to be equipped with wear indicators. These indicators on each disc facilitate the transfer of each row to ensure a long-lasting, quality scalping.
  • Comfortable adjustment: Each row of discs has a depth adjustment by magnetic lever, every 7mm.

Excellent ground tracking


For good ground tracking, double tandem wheels at the front and a roller at the rear ensure precise control of the scalping depth.

The double tandem system reduces ground irregularities and limits chassis movements. This ensures that the machine remains perfectly stable during work.

Versatility and modularity


The Scalpwin® is a modular tool that can be adapted according to your needs. Options include false seeding, mechanical weeding and seeding.

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