Agronomic advantages


Patented forked blades with two off set tips allows the soil to be cracked vertically and uniformly. Balanced lifting restores the soil's homogeneous porosity over the entire width worked, without disrupting its structure.

The laterally inclined stanchion reproduces a "cake mould" effect to prevent clods from rising to the surface, thus creating a chimney effect.


The even cracking of the Plowin® also enables:

  • Deep water storage
  • Reduction of erosion, runoff and, consequently, pollution from phytosanitary products and fertilisers.
  • The promotion of CO2 storage in the soil

Economy, performance and safety


Power saving: The Plowin® soil loosener's patented dual offset blades allow it to penetrate the soil more easily,  like a spade fork.

Durability: The tungsten carbide inserts protect the tip and ensure a constant penetration angle. This maintains the effectiveness and longevity of the tip.

Safety: The Plowin® soil loosener has two types of safety features:

  • Shear bolt safety devices which ensure a release at share level (in the event of an obstacle) from 5 to 7.5 T.
  • Hydraulic safety devices, with an adjustable release threshold at the share.

A modular tool


The Plowin® soil loosener can be used alone or in combination.


  • Combinable: Depending on the model, the Plowin® can be combined with mounted or semi-mounted tools, with or without a PTO. This means work sharing and time saving.
  • Choice of rollers: The Plowin® can be equipped with several types of rollers, depending on your needs.

Exceptional compactness


On the mounted models, the rear hitch of the Plowin® is retractable. This makes the implement compact for transport and reduces the overhang on the road.

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